Simrad Halo-6 Pulse Compression 6’ Open Array Radar

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Combining Traditional Pulse and Broadband Radar for Top Performance! Simrad’s Halo-6 Radar ..

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Simrad Halo-6 Box Contents
Each Simrad Halo-6 comes with:
  • Simrad Halo 6' Open Array Antenna
  • Radar Pedestal
  • RI-12 IF Box
  • 20M Scanner Cable
  • Two-Year Warranty
Simrad Halo-6 Key Features
  • 6’ Open array 72 nautical mile
  • InstantOn - Radar is ready in 16-25 seconds from power-on
  • Beam sharpening with Target separation control
  • Low magnetic emissions and radiation
  • Custom, Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and BIRD modes

Combining Traditional Pulse and Broadband Radar for Top Performance!


Simrad’s Halo-6 Radar is one of the world’s first high-performance, solid-state radar with pulse compression technology designed specifically for recreational mariners. Unlike earlier radars that depend on a magnetron the Halo-6 uses solid state electronics and low-power 25W pulsed, frequency-swept transmission bursts.

The Halo-6 radar is a 6’ open array with a maximum range of 72 nautical miles; it also can be run 
in a dual range mode that would allow you to view and control the radar at two separate ranges that would allow for tracking of up to 20 Marpa targets, ten in each range. With the 48 RPM high speed rotation in the Halo-6 you receive rapid position updates on your targets. Simrad has built the Halo-6 inclusive of beam sharpening with target separation control which allows you to isolate individual objects whether they are buoys or boats on the water, giving you more information to navigate by.

The Halo-6 also has what Simrad is referring to a feature called Instant-On which makes the radar ready for use in as little as 16 seconds from power on to full operation, unlike the 2 or 3 minutes necessary in conventional radars. Ease of operation is another trait of the Halo-6 as there are 5 usage modes to pick from, Custom, Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and BIRD modes that tune Halo Radar’s advanced signal processing to help ensure the targets you’re interested in can be seen vividly.

The Halo-6 Radar is not for every boat and certainly not for every mariner. It is one to be considered if you have a larger boat and demand outstanding performance from your radar but only if your multifunction display is an NSS evo2 , NSS evo 3 or NSO evo2.

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