Simrad Halo-3 Pulse Compression 3’ Open Array Radar

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Reduce Clutter and Enhance Target Separation with Simrad's Halo-3 Simrad’s Halo-3 Pulse Co..

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Simrad Halo-3 Box Contents
Each Simrad Halo-3 comes with:
  • Simrad Halo 3' Open Array Antenna
  • Radar Pedestal
  • RI-12 IF Box
  • 20M Scanner Cable
  • Two-Year Warranty
Simrad Halo-3 Key Features
  • Beam Sharpening with Target Separation Control
  • Custom, Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and BIRD modes
  • Low electromagnetic emissions and radiation
  • 3' OPen Array Antenna with 48NM Range
  • InstantOn - Radar is ready in 16-25 seconds from power-on

Reduce Clutter and Enhance Target Separation with Simrad's Halo-3


Simrad’s Halo-3 Pulse Compression Radar combines the best features of traditional pulse and broadband radars.

The Halo-3 is a 3’ open array 48 nautical mile radar that is designed to be used only with their NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 multifunction displays. The Halo-3 can be set to operate in Dual Range mode to function like two radars in one without any loss of signal allowing you to monitor two ranges simultaneously with independent control of both.

The Halo 3 also has Custom, Harbor, Offshore, Weather and Bird modes that tune Halo’s signal processing to make sure targets are seen clearly even in the toughest environment. The Dual Range also means dual MARPA target tracking with up to 20 targets tracked. The Halo3 also eliminates the traditional 2-3 
minute warm-up that is part of traditional radars and you now get crystal-clear radar images in 16-25 seconds after power up. Beam sharpening and target separation technology of the Halo-3 provides you with unmatched target resolution pictures of targets within a group of targets.

Unlike regular pulse radars the Halo-3’s low power pulse emissions, which meet upcoming Low Emission standards, making it safe to run in anchorages and marinas, providing enhanced radar coverage at the very start and end of each journey. In fact the minimum safe distance for the Halo-3 is within the swing circle of the array. In its high speed operation the Halo-3 receives rapid position updates, while its brushless motor with advanced helical gear train design ensure exceptionally quiet operation even at high speed operation.

Looking for an open array that is safe and quiet to add to your NSS evo2, NSS evo3 or NSO evo2 systems then the Halo-3 36” Pulse Compression Radar is one to look at.

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