Simrad GO12 XSE with Active Imaging Transducer and 4G Radar

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The Simrad GO12 XSE with CMAP Pro mapping, Active Imaging sonar and Broadband 4G Radar is an id..

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Each Simrad GO12 XSE with Active Imaging Transducer and 4G Radar Comes with:
  • GO12 XSE Unit
  • 4G Radar Dome
  • Power Cable (6.5-foot cable)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Suncover
  • Dash Mount Kit
  • Replacement Bezel
  • Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer (25-foot cable)
  • One Year Warranty
Simrad GO12 XSE with Active Imaging Transducer and 4G Radar Key Features
  • Supports wide array of charting options
  • Widescreen with bright, LED backlight
  • Compatible with SiriusXM satellite weather module
  • Built-in WiFi- Connect to Simrad’s Link App
  • NMEA 2000 Connectivity
  • Size: 12.20"W x 8.63"H x 3.26“D (No Bracket)

The Simrad GO12 XSE with CMAP Pro mapping, Active Imaging sonar and Broadband 4G Radar is an ideal choice for any mariner looking for a large display with radar, sonar and mapping in a convenient bundle. The super bright 12-inch color display with white backlight is easy to see in even the harshest sunlight. The touchscreen display is intuitive as it mimics the ease of use found in a smartphone or tablet. Want to view sonar and radar side by side? Split your screen and display information important to you at once.

An internal 10HzGPS receiver will quickly and accurately locate your position and show your vessel moving fluidly on the included C-Map Pro Charting. If you prefer a different view, the GO12 is compatible with a complete map library with choices from Navionics, C-Map, NV Digital, and C-Map Genesis’ line of map cards thru the single microSD Card slot!

If you desire a second station,but are not ready to purchase another MFD, Simrad’s got you covered. Simply download Simrad’s Link App on your compatible smartphone or tablet device and view your displays screen on your smartphone. This feature also allows for full remote access to features from your smart device. The built-in wireless connectivity also supports wireless map downloads and software updates when connected to a wireless network via hotspot. Simrad’s SonicHub 2 module is a great addition to your GO12 XSE. This black-box audio system allows you to stream music from Bluetooth connected smart devices.

The included Broadband 4G Radar is a solid-state radar with Beam Sharpening technology. The resolution equivalent to this compact radome style radar is a 3.5-foot open array radar! The dual-range technology displays both long and short range targets ranging from 200 feet to 36 nautical miles. The Simrad Broadband 4G radar boasts a 5.2-degree horizontal beam width and 25-degree vertical beam width with target separation controls. Since situational awareness is at the root of your need for a radar, you never want to wait for a radar to warm up. The 4G radar has zero warm up time due to its solid state design. Allow your new radar to help you in navigating congested spaces or in times of limited visibility. Clearly identify targets surrounding your vessel and track up to 10 targets per range (up to 20 in split-screen mode) with MARPA target tracking (heading sensor required). Establish guard zones protecting your boat from multiple angles. The Simrad 3G Broadband radar offers a simple and quick installation style with zero tuning and adjustments required.

The GO12 has one ethernetport and is compatible with Simrad’s NEP-2 Network Expansion Port (sold separately, linked below), which allows users to network multiple devices with ease.

NMEA 2000 supportallows for easy plug-and-play connectivity between devices allowing your GO12 to share numerical data with other NMEA 2000 devices. Easily receive AIS data over NMEA 2000 to gain situational awareness and aid in the safety of your watercraft. A NMEA 2000 network is required to utilize this feature.

The included Active Imaging3-in-1 transom mount transducer provides advanced sonar features that include traditional Medium/High CHIRP sonar, SideScan imaging and DownScan imaging. The included transducer also provides an accurate temperature reading. Simrad estimates the traditional sonar to read at 48 knots, while the DownScan and SideScan is estimated to perform at 9 knots (performance estimates based on ideal conditions). New to Active Imaging? Active Imaging transducers are constructed with a polymer material that reacts to sound waves more closely to water providing superb sonar views. Active Imaging transducers are designed with separate elements for SideScan imaging which allow for a superior range of performance. Enjoy all of these advanced features without the need for a separate black box or sounder module.

Desiring a clean, streamlined helm with everything at your fingertips? The GO12 XSE with 4G Broadband Radar is a great choice when searching for a large, sleek display with all the bells and whistles! There’s no need to mount multiple displays and devices on your helm when you purchase the GO12 XSE.

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