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Intellian i2 US HD System with 33cm Dish North Americas LNB DIRECTV SD DISH Network Compatible (B3-201S)

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The i-series Marine Satellite Antennas are some of the most technologically advanced, dependable, an..

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  • Travel further North or South with extended elevation range 10° to 80°

  • Stay locked on in rough seas, 60° per second turning rate

  • Compatible with leading satellite TV service providers in US and Canada

  • Smaller size with bigger performance

  • Simplicity of design, no fragile compass and no rate sensors

  • Auto satellite switching function for three satellites

  • Switch channels as fast as you do at home

  • Built-in HD module for Ku-band

Fully Automated System:
• Automatic satellite search and identification
• 2-axis step motors for manipulating the pedestal

Enhanced Antenna:
• High efficiency parabolic antenna RHCP / LHCP for US & Canada
• Vertical / Horizontal polarization for Sky Mexico and Europe

Compact Size:
• 13 inch antenna dish diameter and antenna weighs less than 10 pounds

Fastest Search Algorithm:
• Wide Range Search(WRS) algorithm

Superior Dynamic Tracking:
• Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) by rotating sub-reflector

DVB Signal Identification:
• High speed identification applying DVB Decoder with CPLD
• QPSK Demodulator Lock for DSS Signal

New Type Antenna Control Unit:
• Easy satellite information change and update.
• Easy antenna status check and automatic diagnosis.
• Easy antenna control using PC interface with USB cable.
• Built-in HD module for Ku-band HD reception

Maximum 6 Receivers USB Interface:
• Up to six receivers can be connected to ACU directly which simplifies the installation.
• Every receiver connected to ACU can be a master receiver which can change the satellite freely by
  TV remote control

Master Receiver Selection:
• Only the master receivers which are activated through ACU can change the target satellite

Built-in NMEA 0183 GPS Interface:
• Easy Interface allowing a boat owner to have a separate GPS system can provide even higher performance

The i-series Marine Satellite Antennas are some of the most technologically advanced, dependable, and easy to use marine grade, in motion, television antennas in the world. The i-series line of products are designed for boat owners who want to watch satellite television, even HDTV, on their vessel while it is tied to a dock or voyaging in rough conditions.

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