Garmin GMR Fantom 24 Radar Dome

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MotionScope Radar, 3.7° Beam Width and 48NM RangeThe Garmin GMR Fantom 24 Radome uses inno..

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Garmin Fantom 24 Box Contents
Each Garmin Fantom 24 comes with:
  • Garmin Fantom 24
  • Mounting Hardware Kit and Template
  • 15M Power Cable
  • 15M Network Cable
  • Documentation
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Size: 25.4”Diameter x 9.8"H
Garmin Fantom 24 Key Features
  • 40W Transmit Power
  • Close and Long Range from 20’ to 48NM
  • Doppler Technology Highlights Targets as they Move towards or Away from you
  • 3.7° Beam Width
  • Dual Range allows you to view both Close and Long Range Targets Simultaneously

MotionScope Radar, 3.7° Beam Width and 48NM Range

The Garmin GMR Fantom 24 Radome uses innovative MotionScope and Pulse Compression Technology to offer you maximum performance while using minimum power consumption. This 24”, 40W Radome has a max range of 48 nautical miles. The 40w of power combined with a 3.7 Degree beamwidth provides superior close and long range detection as close as 20 ft. and out as far as 48nm.

Garmin’s GMR Fantom 24” Radome features Doppler Effect technology to detect and highlight targets in different colors as they move toward or away from your vessel. 
This aids in avoiding potential collisions which creates a safer boating environment for everyone on the water. Pulse Compression Technology maximizes energy on individual targets to increase detection and provide unmatched clarity over other leading brands.

Providing Echo Trails which helps identify moving targets and possible collision threats, the Fantom 24 with Dual Rangy technology allows you to view both close and long range on the same screen simultaneously. Keeping the power cautious boater in mind; Garmin engineers created a setting so you can set the Fantom 24 to 24 RPM for less power consumption. While the 24RPM saves power, there is also a 48 RPM setting which allows for faster screen updates rates. Keep in mind this setting is only available for some range settings and not available in dual range or MotionScope mode.

Compatible with 7x2, 9x2, 10x2, 12x2, 7400, 7600, 8000, 8200, 8400, 8500 and 8600 series Garmin Chartplotters.

For More information email or call 1-800-477-2611 and any of our knowledgeable staff would be happy to help.

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