Garmin GHP Reactor 40 Hydraulic Autopilot with SmartPump

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Garmin has removed the need for a boat owner to know what the size of his hydraulic steering cy..

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Garmin GHP Reactor 40 with SmartPump Details
Each Garmin GHP Reactor 40 with SmartPump comes with:GHP SmartPump, GHP Reactor CCU (Course Computer Unit), GHC 20 helm control display, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) power cable, Interconnect cable, Shadow Drive, Buzzer, NMEA 2000 drop cables (2 meters), NMEA 2000 power cable, NMEA 2000 T-connectors, Male and female terminators, Documentation and a Two-Year Warranty.
Display Size:4.3"W x 4.4"H x 1.9"D
SmartPump Size:7.5"W x 7.75"H x 9.75"D
Garmin GHP Reactor 40 with SmartPump Special Features
  • Intelligent Rudder Rate Technology
  • Full integration with Garmin Plotters
  • Minimal Setup
  • Reacts to Sea conditions
  • Smart Pump eliminates the need to spec out pump size

Garmin has removed the need for a boat owner to know what the size of his hydraulic steering cylinder with their Reactor 40 Autopilot with Smart Pump. When selecting an autopilot for a hydraulic steering system previously, it was necessary for the person doing the installation to know the volume of fluid held in the steering cylinders. This was necessary to match the pump in the autopilot to move the fluid in the steering cylinder to turn the boat. Too much of a pump and the captain could suffer a “hard over” event and lose control or the pump is not high enough in volume to displace enough fluid to affectively turn the vessel.

Garmin with the GHP Reactor40 Autopilot with SmartPump has virtually eliminated this issue with just one intelligent pump that senses the amount of hydraulic fluid to move to steer your boat safely. The Reactor Autopilot itself requires minimal commissioning and calibration after installation reducing the time from twenty minutes to just 5 minutes. The GHP Reactor 40 Autopilot with SmartPump utilizes a feature called Intelligent Rudder Rate Technology (IRRT), which actually slows the rudder rate when the vessel is at high speeds and speeds up rudder rate when the vessel is at lower speeds to provide optimal performance and safety in all conditions.

The Reactor 40 in the name of this autopilotrefers to its ability to its ability to react to whatever the sea conditions are, whether they are calm or the boat is pitching in heavy seas, to hold the course programmed into it. Of course Garmin’s Shadow Drive technology is part of the GHP Reactor40 Autopilot with SmartPump, so you can rest assured you have complete control while the autopilot is engaged. When you network a compatible Garmin chartplotter with the Reactor Autopilot with SmartPump and add a G2 Vision chart you can enjoy additional features like ‘auto guidance” which automatically steers GPS Paths.

The GHP Reactor Autopilot with SmartPump removes a lot of the setup and research necessary to selecting and installing an autopilot, while providing the latest and greatest in autopilot technology.

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