Garmin Fantom 124 Radar with 4’ Open Array Antenna

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120W Radar with 4’ Open Array!Looking for high power and a narrow beam width? Garmin’s GMR Fant..

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Garmin Fantom 124 Box Contents
Each Garmin Fantom 124 Comes with:
  • Garmin Fantom 124 Radar with 120W Pedestal and 4’ Antenna
  • Mounting Hardware kit and Template
  • 15M Right-Angle Power Cable
  • 15M Right-Angle Network Cable
  • Voltage Converter
  • Documentation
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Pedestal Size: 16.6"W x 14.3 "H x 10.7“D
  • Array Size: 52.3" W x 5.4" H x 6.9" D
Garmin Fantom 124 Key Features
  • True echo Trails – Shows a fading trail to assist in locating moving targets
  • MARPA – Track up to 10 selected targets
  • 120 Watts of Pulse Compression Power Output
  • MotionScope Technology – detects and shows targets in different colors
  • Detection Range of 20’ to 96 nm

120W Radar with 4’ Open Array!

Looking for high power and a narrow beam width? Garmin’s GMR Fantom 124 with 120-Watt solid-state output power proudly sits at the top of the class (120W power output is the approximate equivalent to a 15kW magnetron). The 4’ open array radar with Pulse compression technology boasts a 1.8° horizontal and 23° vertical beam width. This narrow beam identifies and highlights moving targets with unparalleled precision.

The Fantom 24 has nearly twice the power of the original Fantom series, providing the best Target separation and clear images of vessels and flocks of birds, right down to the shoreline. High resolution imagery, and Motion Scope technology detects what is moving towards and away from you so it always sees what’s coming and going in real time. Simply install this open array radar and you’re on your way- there are no complicated settings to adjust. Water rated to IPX 6 standards means the Fantom 124 can take the harshest spray impacts no matter what direction they come from.

When weather takes a turn for the worse, let the Fantom 124 inform your next move. Built in auto Bird Gain mode technology not only portrays flocks of birds when you’re looking for a great fishing hotspot, but MARPA target tracking collision avoidance allows you to see moving objects and locate where other vessels are in proximity to yours (Required Heading Sensor, Sold Separately). With the addition of a Garmin compatible heading sensor or networked Autopilot, you can utilize Garmin’s True Echo Trails feature which leaves a fading trail to help you identify moving targets while considering the movement of your own vessel.

Easily establish a safety zone around your vessel with Garmin’s Guard Zone feature, allowing an alarm to sound when another vessel enters it. The GMR Fantom 124 with Motion Scope utilizes Doppler technology to pinpoint moving targets to help you steer clear from possible collision, see flocks of birds, boats or bad weather in different colors to easily reroute your vessel to safety. As you navigate through open waters see what lies close and far with the Dual Range feature which allows for tracking as little as 20’ away and as far out to a distance of 96 nautical miles. This feature allows you to view these images side by side, overlaid on your compatible chartplotters display.

Dependable and easy to use- The Garmin GMR Fantom 124 will make your boating experience so much more enjoyable. You’ll come to wonder how you ever got by without it!

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