Furuno DRS6AX X-Class 6KW UHD Radar Gearbox

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Ultra-High Definition 6kW Radar for the best performanceThe Furuno DRS6A X radar gearbox offers..

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Furuno DRS6AX Box Contents
Each Furuno DRS6AX comes with:
  • 6KW NMEA2K Gearbox
  • Documentation
  • 2 year warranty
Furuno DRS6AX Key Features
  • 3.5', 4' or 6' Open Array Antenna Required(sold separately)
  • Lighter, Shorter and Quieter than previous gearboxes
  • Compatible with TZtouch and TZtouch2 Models
  • Fast Target Tracking tracks up to 30 Targets Simultaneously
  • Enhanced Bird Mode

Ultra-High Definition 6kW Radar for the best performance

The Furuno DRS6A X radar gearbox offers unsurpassed performance and reliability. Compatible with the NavNet TZtouch and NavNet TZtouch2 units, the DRS6AX can pair with any of Furuno’s X-Band Antennas (Sold Separately and available in 3.5, 4 and 6’ array)

The DRS6A X pedestal offers a dedicated bird mode which gives fisherman outstanding detection for finding bird echoes at 5nm to locate schools of fish, see other vessels, and see land mass. This enhanced bird mode detects flocks of birds at long distances giving each user the ultimate tracking experience with new and improved 1.2 microsecond long range pulse lengths up to 50% longer than other DRS systems. Long range detection of up to 120 nautical miles, makes this radar unlike any other in its class.

Newly designed radar unlike any other in its class, the DRS6A X offers simplified installation with no requirement for an external power supply, and has multiple bolt patterns on the gearbox to ensure an easy install for new radar installation or retrofits. Furuno also enhanced the gearbox pedestal on every DRS6A X to be 20% lighter and quieter than previous DRS models making this a desired radar addition to TZTouch or TZTouch2 MFD. Once installed and paired with a X-Band Antenna the 6AX is ready for use, your new DRS6A X has the ability to display up to 30 targets simultaneously with the fast target tracking feature. Target vectors provide important heading and speed information useful for every end user. The Furuno DRS6A X-Class radar is a must have for any commercial fisherman combining high end features and durability and is the perfect addition to any Furuno TZTouch or TZTouch2 system.

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