FLIR Ocean Scout 320 Thermal Camera

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Powerful Thermal Night Vision Camera for Safety on the Water.FLIR’s Ocean Scout 320 uses thermal ima..

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FLIR Ocean Scout 320 Details
Each FLIR Ocean Scout 320 comes with: Ocean Scout 320, Rechargeable battery, USB cable and a 2-Year Warranty.
Size: 2.31"W x 2.44"H x 6.7"L
Weight: 12 Ounces
FLIR Ocean Scout 320 Special Features
  • Video Output Capability.
  • Rugged All-Weather Design,IP-67 Rated, 2 Year Warranty.
  • 2x Digital Zoom.
  • Instalert, Highligts the warmest returns.
  • Long-Life Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

Powerful Thermal Night Vision Camera for Safety on the Water.

FLIR’s Ocean Scout 320 uses thermal imaging technology to make high contrast images from heat. This Ocean Scout 320 provides go-anywhere thermal night vision for everyone on the water for use day and night. This thermal imager does an outstanding job of giving you a picturesque view of the waters around you helping you to navigate your way through any inlet or harbor. The Ocean Scout 320 has a resolution of 336 x 256. With its video output capability you can view the image on your video capable plotter or send it to a recording device to share at a later time.

FLIR has done an exceptional job with this Ocean Scout handheld thermal night vision camera in making it easy-to-use with its 3 button design. The camera also has an LED task light to help you dock the boat or any other circumstances you may run into while out on the water.

This revolutionary night vision camera’s easy-to-use design, along with affordability and sleek look would be a great addition to any avid mariner must haves.

Mitch 25/11/2019

Wow, I could not be happier. I was worried that some had said they couldn't see very far with theirs, but we found we could literally see the waves of the water surface all the way across the bay, which was hundreds of yards. In fact, this device literally saved me more money than it cost the first time we used it in a really world situation. We were coming into an unfamiliar harbor entrance at night in pitch black (cloudy moonless night), which is rarely a good idea, but the seas were rising and we were exhausted after two days of straight sailing. We headed to where the anchorage was supposed to be and I handed my buddy the Flir and asked him to take a look to make sure there wasn't anything in the water. He immediately yelled for us to back up. There were boulders in the water where we were supposed to be able to anchor, and we couldn't even see them with our flood light. I would have plowed right into them.

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