FLIR M400 Thermal Camera with LED Spotlight

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The M400 Multi-Sensor Camera from Flir is a thermal camera that offers much more than just being abl..

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The M400 Multi-Sensor Camera from Flir is a thermal camera that offers much more than just being able to see objects after dark.

The M400 Multi-Sensor Camera provides the same quality thermal identification of objects after dark that we have become accustomed to seeing in the Flir Cameras but the M400 adds a high intensity LED spotlight to illuminate and identify nearby targets with its powerful beam. The M400 goes further by including an HD color lowlight camera with a 30X optical zoom for viewing objects at great distances. Of course the M400 also has a 4X thermal optical zoom with 18’ to 6’ horizontal field of view to find and display objects that are hidden in fog or darkness. The M400 also is a camera that can tilt up to 90’ and pan 360’ so there would be little danger of an object escaping the view from the camera. The view from the M400 is further enhanced with its gyroscopic stabilizer so your picture is steadied, even in heavy seas. Controlling the M400 is a breeze too with the included joystick. The M400 using NMEA 0183 interface can be set to track specific radar returns increasing even more, the vessel’s safety in low light.

Flir has created the M400 Multi-Sensor Camera to include a thermal imaging camera, a daylight imaging camera with 30X optical zoom, and a spotlight with 580 lumens all with 360’ pan and 90’ tilt in a gyro-stabilized unit. The M400 is certainly not for every boat but if it is a unit you find safety and value in then it is for you.

  • Camera size - 15.5" x 22" Swept Volume Cylinder
  • Weight - 45 lbs
  • Power Requirement - 24 volt
  • Warranty - 3 Yrs when registered
  • Resolution - 640 X 480 thermal sensor

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